Watch movies with the freedom (not) to filter

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Like a good dinner

Movies and TV shows are like a good dinner: Do you really want to miss out on the whole experience just because you don’t like the sprouts?

It’s about choice

This project is not about censorship or automated filtering. It’s about choice. You decide what is shown and what is not.

No derivatives

Filter video and audio without having to change the original source material. No derivative videos needed! Thus your filters are legal and safe.

Voluntary and simple

There are better solutions than complex rating systems forced upon you by government agencies and industry committees.

No hardware, no costs

Buying special media players and getting proprietary filters really shouldn’t be necessary. Everything is free, both as in freedom and in free beer.

For art lovers

Film makers should not censor anything. They should release the film in the best, most complete and most artistic way possible.

Make your favorite movies and TV shows family-friendly. Or adjust your viewing and hearing experiences to respect individual phobias and anxieties. Or prevent your children from having nightmares and be as protective of them as you wish. Or show movies and TV series to people you care about, except for that one scene you can’t accept.

Have full control over every single scene you watch and listen to. Enjoy!